What Does Click IT Do for Premier Apartment Living?


Since 2012, Click IT has helped hundreds of organizations like Premier Apartment Living (now renamed Heights Apartment Living) with different aspects of its technical needs. We help with every aspect of its I.T., from its web presence to securing its network, to hosting your email. (Go to https://clickitgroup.com for more information about all our services, products and solution.)

Below is a summary of what we do for this client:

  1. Click IT Website Design Security & Maintenance
  2. Click IT Hosting - Three managed WordPress websites under 2 Plans
  3. Click IT eMail - Basic email accounts
  4. Click IT eMarketing - Google Adwords and SU Management (Suggested Replacement)
  5. Click IT Secure for Local Network Security - Multiple locations - 4 apartment buildings
  6. Click IT MSP - Oncall, Onsite Facility Technical Management & Support
  7. Click IT Help - Help Desk for Tenants / Residents
  8. Click IT Computer -Local Service Center in Chagrin Falls

SEO Reports:

Heights Apartment Living

  1. Uptown Shaker I:
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  2. Uptown Shaker II:
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