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A Modern Website Today Requires Constant Maintenance.

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Just like when you own a home, if you don’t keep it up, it will fall into disrepair. With a website, however, this can happen rapidly, at the worst times and often in the worst ways. For instance, hackers commonly highjack sites and redirected visitors to porn sites. The owner of the site may never see the highjack because their IP is instructed to not redirect them. At Click IT, we have seen this happen more than once, and so we believe this is very common.

The problem is, as a website owner, you must do daily updates and constantly monitor your site for vulnerability issues. This requires skills and time you may not have, to determine the best approach to combating this. In today’s complex technical world, a website’s general maintenance is just half the battle. More importantly, a WordPress website needs to be totally secured and locked down, so that it is safe for your users to enter personal information, which is also commonly hijacked when not entered with the protection of a properly installed encryption certificate, which is what a secure socket layer (SSL) enables. (See Why You Need An SSL Certificate.)

All Click IT service plans outlined below securely maintain the online presence and interactions of a new website built by Click IT. When an organization does not have the internal technical web team, Click IT takes on the role of implementing and engaging an appropriate plan. Over time, we have developed our standard out-of-the-box solution for security and maintenance where we can care for a WordPress site at a reasonable price, proactively and effectively. Plans are suited for those who want to focus on more important tasks other than seeing whether or not their site’s up and running properly. In the long run, besides saving time, clients subscribing to Click IT Service and Maintainance Plans also save money.

For further information about how we secure and maintain your website, see Security and Maintenance Details. We also allocate more efforts to website marketing when you purchase a Silver or Gold plan, or SEO. See our SEO services.

Why WordPress Sites Are Vulnerable

It is a known fact that WordPress websites are prone to attacks and security breaches. But why?

This particular vulnerability is not because WordPress sites are inherently insecure. On the contrary, when running the latest version of WordPress, it is a very secure platform. The problem is instead ubiquitous. It is because WordPress is everywhere, and it makes the potential surface area of attack much larger and therefore more appetizing to attackers.

If a hacker wants to do a mass, nontargeted attack against a lot of websites and wants to maximize the chances of success – the hacker will try to find a weakness in a platform that is practically everywhere. By using WordPress, a site is not less secure. It just makes it more vulnerable to being the target of an attack, just like Microsoft is a target.

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